Monday, September 21, 2009


If you have not checked out PLEASE DO. :) It is such an awesome place to create your very own custom fabrics. I am currently waiting on some fabric swatches so that I may determine which type of fabric I prefer for my graphic images. Even if you do not feel you have the courage to design your own work browse and be INSPIRED ! :) You can find my library of designs at I am adding to it as I can and am in awe of the possibilities ! I recently entered the weekly contest there and would love to be a finalist ... fingers crossed. ;)

This is the image I used for the Spoon + Flower theme for the weekly fabric contest on SpoonFlower ... minus the Designs By Chelsee text.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For My Fellow Pattern-Lovers !

Okay so sometimes "Pack-Rat" comes to mind ... but digital patterns don't count! LOL :)

When searching for a carseat cover pattern I came across Make Them Yourself. There is both a paper and a digital copy option which is awesome for me because it fits nicely in my files on the computer. ;)

So, here's the deal ... I couldn't resist clicking on the Free Patterns tab. When I noticed how generous the offerings were my heart skipped a beat!

Happy Sewing !

From This Diaper Sewing Diva !

Here are a couple diapers from the design I am working on. There are so many GREAT patterns out there from great manufacturers and fellow SAHM's or WAHM's. That said, I have a unique situation in that I have TWINS with two very different body shapes. So I am testing my pattern on them ! Gotta love a free test-market. LOL

I will get more pictures uploaded of just the diapers themselves asap.