Monday, September 21, 2009


If you have not checked out PLEASE DO. :) It is such an awesome place to create your very own custom fabrics. I am currently waiting on some fabric swatches so that I may determine which type of fabric I prefer for my graphic images. Even if you do not feel you have the courage to design your own work browse and be INSPIRED ! :) You can find my library of designs at I am adding to it as I can and am in awe of the possibilities ! I recently entered the weekly contest there and would love to be a finalist ... fingers crossed. ;)

This is the image I used for the Spoon + Flower theme for the weekly fabric contest on SpoonFlower ... minus the Designs By Chelsee text.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For My Fellow Pattern-Lovers !

Okay so sometimes "Pack-Rat" comes to mind ... but digital patterns don't count! LOL :)

When searching for a carseat cover pattern I came across Make Them Yourself. There is both a paper and a digital copy option which is awesome for me because it fits nicely in my files on the computer. ;)

So, here's the deal ... I couldn't resist clicking on the Free Patterns tab. When I noticed how generous the offerings were my heart skipped a beat!

Happy Sewing !

From This Diaper Sewing Diva !

Here are a couple diapers from the design I am working on. There are so many GREAT patterns out there from great manufacturers and fellow SAHM's or WAHM's. That said, I have a unique situation in that I have TWINS with two very different body shapes. So I am testing my pattern on them ! Gotta love a free test-market. LOL

I will get more pictures uploaded of just the diapers themselves asap.

Knee Sock Legwarmers

I wouldn't call myself cheap ... frugal is a better word ! :) If it's something that I KNOW I can make myself then I try my best with things I have around the house. Once I know it's going to work THEN money may be spent on a "new" version.

It's kind of like the Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee (Food Network) approach to sewing/crafting/mothering. I am just starting to sell my handywork to others so that part is new to me ... the act of creating things has been a long-standing love affair !

Here are some pictures of my twins Avery & Catherine in their new legwarmers. I live in Houston so they are made from lightweight knee socks and serve the purpose of guarding their little knees while crawling. No, I did not knit the socks myself. With a good clearance sale on knee socks at Target  & some trial and error I ended up with nice little leggings for them and socks for myself.

This is a digital scrapbook page I did for Catherine ... you may not be able to read the text at the bottom though.
I used what would be the top of the sock when worn by an adult as the ankle cuff and the opening where the foot of the sock was as the top of the legging/legwarmer. It worked so much better with socks that were mostly cotton and is awesome when it's time to change their diapers.
Setting up shop !